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Got an Sport's Injury?

Every Sport Injury should get some intervention so you can get faster and better to your sport

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Torned Ligaments

  • Tendon Ruptures

  • Muscular Injury

  • Post Cirurgical Intervencion


Disabled because of accute pain?

Got any pain that you don't know it's origin but i'ts limiting your normal activivities?

  • Joint Pain

  • Accute Back Pain

  • Muscle thightness

  • Torcicolis


Chronic Pain to Resolve?

Some chronic pain problems can only be solve with the right help

  • Neck / Arms or Hands Thingling

  • Abnormal muscular tension

  • Migraines or Headaches

  • Chronic Lombar Pain

  • Sciatica



Physiotherapist, Osteopath

  • Physical Theraphy Degree at Escola Superior de Tecnologias da Saude de Lisboa 

  • Diplomated in Ostheopathy by Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid

  • Privat Clinical Pratice in Sports Physiotheraphy and Osteopathy

  • Head Physiotherapist at Portguese Surf Federation

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"Excellent Professional, both for technical and communication skills. He understood perfectly what led me to the consultation and explained the entire treatment process."

João Pereira, Architect

"The Healing Starts whit the Problem Perception"

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