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Osteopata / Fisioterapeuta

Degree in Physiotherapy, Diploma in Osteopathy.

Two different professions with the same objective: to know more about us human beings, about what moves us, about our skills, limitations and how these can be readjusted at all times.

An movement enthusiast , physical exercise and mental health, I try to grow every day.

An anatomy and physiology nerd, I still feel that I know little or nothing about the subject.

A believer in the human potential of each one of us, often having difficulty expressing this feeling. I come with the objective of helping to explore this potential, transmitting knowledge, debating ideas and continuing to learn from those who come across this path

  • Physical Theraphy Degree at Escola Superior de Tecnologias da Saúde de Lisboa

  • Diplomated in Osteopathy by Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid 

  • Head Physiotherapist at Portuguese Surf Federation

  • Private Clinic in Sport's Physiotheraphy and Osteopathy

Sobre mim: Minha prática
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